New software tool for transverse force dowels

FRANK has developed the Egcodorn software for planners and engineers for the fast and simplified determination and dimensioning of transverse force dowels

Expansion joints are frequently planned in concrete buildings for the absorbance of deformations related to building physics, such as temperature, shrinkage or creeping. The installation of Egcodorn transverse force dowels in this area enables the formation of expansion joints while at the same time transmitting transverse forces between the structural elements.

The new FRANK software supports planners in determining the most economical type of Egcodorn transverse force dowel, depending on

  • the length and opening of the joint
  • the geometry of the structural element
  • the existing height offset
  • the strength of the concrete
  • the constant or variable transverse force load

and determines the required number of shear force dowels and their spacing, as well as the necessary on-site continuity reinforcement.

The program offers further advantages: simple operation, a project-related plan management that also enables the copying and subsequent adaptation of similar joint situations, as well as the output of a verifiable structural analysis.
Beyond that there is a possibility to generate clearly arranged ordering lists for the determined transverse force dowels and to procure the CAD details or tendering texts by link via the website The Egcodorn software currently even has a choice of seven languages for planning projects abroad.

Fast, simplified determination and dimensioning of transverse force dowels with the FRANK transverse force dowel software:

  • Simple, user-friendly application
  • Determination of the most economical Egcodorn transverse force dowel
  • Determination of the required transverse force and edge distances, as well as the on-site continuity reinforcement
  • Output of a verifiable structural analysis
  • Project-related plan management

The transverse force dowel software is available for download free of charge.



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