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New test certificates for Potable Water Applications

For the highest quality standards for potable water applications the test certificates for Zemdrain® CPF liner are available for the DVGW requirements (W 270 and W 347). Now new and additional - with extended duration in formwork status!

The requirements of the DVGW (German standardization body for the gas and water industry) regarding the suitability of the "Zemdrain® Classic TW" formwork liner for drinking water have been confirmed by the Institute of Hygiene.

Additional drinking water tests with extended duration in formwork status

In the existing test certificates, forms were removed from concrete test specimens after a short time. In order to demonstrate the added value and effectiveness of Zemdrain® Classic to our customers, even under extreme conditions, MAX FRANK decided to carry out these spectacular tests. Our aim was to leave Zemdrain® Classic TW on the concrete test specimens for "as long as possible and technically feasible".  

The results of the additional drinking water tests "with extended duration in formwork status on" were convincing: there was no fibre adhesion to the concrete and therefore a very good concrete surface quality. The tests were confirmed by the renowned Institute of Hygiene.

Drinking water test certificates Zemdrain® Classic

DVGW worksheet W 270:
Propagation of microorganisms on components for the drinking water sector

In Germany, materials and products that come into contact with drinking water must be tested for the migration of chemical substances and the growth of microorganisms to ensure that they are hygienically safe. These requirements are described in DVGW worksheet W 270.

Test with shorter duration in formwork status: download test certificate
💧 NEW – Test with extended duration in formwork status: download test certificate

DVGW worksheet W 347: 
Hygienic requirements for cement-bound materials for drinking water supply

The tests are carried out in accordance with DVGW worksheet W 347, which covers the hygiene requirements for cementitious materials in the drinking water sector.

Test with shorter duration in formwork status: download test certificate
💧 NEW – Test with extended duration in formwork status: download test certificate

More solutions for Potable Water Applications 

  • Fibre-reinforced concrete spacers are certified as suitable components for contact with drinking water and effectively prevent water seepage to the reinforcement, while also being tested for resistance to microorganism growth, please see test certificate.
  • Fibre-reinforced concrete wall thicknesses are certified for use with drinking water and ensure adequate concrete cover for the reinforcement, even in interior areas, providing additional protection against weathering, please see test certificate.
  • Fibre-reinforced concrete sealing cones & plugs bond with tie-holes using TW-tested and approved Repoxal adhesive, making them suitable for potable water applications. Flush installation is recommended to achieve a smooth surface finish.

  • Intectin® Plus injection resin: The drinking water approval for injection resins refers to the suitability of these resins for contact with drinking water. These requirements serve to protect the health of consumers by ensuring that the materials used do not release any harmful substances into drinking water, please see test certificate.

With over 60 years of experience in the field of potable water,
MAX FRANK guarantees the highest safety and reliability of these integrated components.

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