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Roto Development Centre

Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Design and office workplaces for creative working in an open workshop ambience.

Client’s requirements
For the development of prototypes, the management at the company Roto wanted a building in the form of a ultifunctional space. This space for about 80 people is intended to foster the employees’ creativity on the one hand, and to attract creative people due to its outer appearance on the other.

Architectual Draft
As part of the material implementation of this open space design, particularly attention was paid to the integration of acoustic measures. Consequently, panels made of glass granulate (Sorp 10®) were integrated in the exposed concrete ceilings as early as the shell construction stage. Not only do these open glass granulate strips make a critical contribution to the pleasant acoustics in the building, but at the same time they act as a design element in the building dominated by exposed concrete.

The different ways of using the space and the diverse spatial experiences in the new development centre show that not only do people work at Roto – people live at Roto and this fosters creativity!

Air conditioning technology
Concrete core temperature control is used for the cooling and heating technology and is integrated in the building shell. In addition, underfloor convector heaters were installed in the cavity floors in order to also ensure the temperature of the rooms can be controlled in a short space of time. The integration of cooling and heating pipes together with the visible Sorp 10® room-acoustic sound absorber in the shell construction posed a particular challenge in terms of structural engineering. Furthermore, the concrete had to meet the aesthetic requirements of exposed concrete.

By using renewable energies, a sustainable energy supply system with concrete core temperature control and highly technical materials, the operating costs are reduced to a considerable extent.

„The building is oriented on and reacts to the outside climate.“
Dr.-Ing. Sigrid Hintersteininger, Architect

Type of building:

Office building

Clients and Developers:

Roto Frank Bauelemente GmbH


SHA Sigrid Hintersteininger Architects
Kalis Innovation GmbH

Engineers/ Specialist Planners:

Mayer-Vorfelder und Dinkelacker Ingenieurgesellschaft für Bauweisen GmbH

RW Bauphysik Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG



Products used
Contact Contact
+971 6 5578197

Max Frank Middle East FZE
M3-15, P. O. Box: 123601
Saif Zone, Sharjah
United Arab Emirates