Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nordbayern

Würzburg, Germany

The Egcovoid® void former was installed in the pension insurance firm's administration building to achieve load activation of the underground car park ceiling.

A new service centre for 150 employees of Deutsche Rentenversicherung was completed in 2012 on the Äußeren Bayreuther Straße in Würzburg.

The Egcovoid void former with moisture protection and hose system is used to achieve a load activation of the underground car park ceiling and thus a load application via the pillars of the underground car park. The void which relieves the substrate, is formed by injecting water into the system at a clearly defined time.

The sophisticated geometry through various recesses and angled cuts is optimally solved with the Egcovoid void former: Recesses and cutting-to-size takes place on site, the void former is taped down with adhesive tape and then the hose system is laid.

After brief instruction in the assembly of the permanent formwork, a total of 160 2,400 x 1,200 mm Egcovoid void formers will be laid for the new administration building.

Type of building:

Office building

Building contractor:

Firmengruppe Göbel, 97072 Würzburg


Kropfelder GmbH & Co. KG, 96052 Bamberg



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