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How to: removal of joint between neighbouring walls

Egcovoid® Setzungsplatte Wandlösung

When building against an existing neighbouring wall, caution must be taken with regard to additional loads, settlement and sound insulation. It is important to isolate the existing wall from the new one and to ensure that there is a continuous clear joint between the neighbouring walls.

Montage Setzungsplatten für Entkopplungsfugen

How to:

  • Select Egcovoid® void formers according to the required joint width: 35 mm or 50 mm wide
  • Cover the void formers on both sides with a PE film (as shown on the above photo).
  • Concrete the facing layer as the load-bearing wall for the new construction.
  • Following the curing of the concrete wall, the void formers are watered. As a result, they lose their stable form and can be completely removed.

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