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Puente grúa en la terminal de Rostock

Rostock, Germany

Para el puente grúa en la terminal de Rostock se utilizaron las pasadores a cortante Egcodorn® DND tipo 350 para las juntas bajo solicitación dinámica.

In Rostock harbour, the new high-capacity transshipment terminal south of Pier I was to be rebuilt during operation on an area of around 30,000 square meters. At that time the Combined Cargo Terminal (KV) had two tracks. Cargo was handled by three powerful reach stackers, each with a lifting capacity of over 45 tons. By the end of 2013, three more tracks were to be available. Two rotating gantry cranes would also be commissioned, thereby doubling the handling capacity of the terminal. Each of these gantry cranes has a weight of 500 tons, a height of 35 meters and a span of 76.5 meters.

The total investment amounted to 17 million Euros. 70 percent of the conversion and expansion was funded by the German Federal Railway Authority while the Port Development Company contributed more than 5 million Euros.

By using the MAX FRANK Egcodorn® DND 350, the crane runway was subdivided into 10 sections, each of which was connected with 15 or 16 Egcodorn® DND 350 shear force dowels. Dynamic dimensioning of the shear force dowels was carried out.

Tipo de estructura:



Rostock Port – Hafen-Entwicklungsgesellschaft Rostock mbH

Empresa constructora:

Ed. Züblin AG – Direktion Nord, Bereich Ingenieurbau



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+49 9427 189 0


Max Frank GmbH & Co. KG
Mitterweg 1
94339 Leiblfing

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