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How to: Sound Absorption for Thermally Activated Components

Sorp 10®

To avoid impeding the function of core-activated slabs, the room acoustics cannot be improved by using the normal sound-absorbing materials and ceiling suspensions.
So that the room acoustics can still be optimised, however, an acoustically active spacer is used. The absorber strip integrated in it is made of an expanded glass granulate and improves the acoustics, while the U-profile serves at the same time as a spacer for the first reinforcement layer.

Sorp 10® sound absorber

How to:

  • Place the Sorp 10® sound absorber onto the formwork with the acoustically active side facing downwards.
  • The strip absorber is positioned by measuring and marking with a chalk line or rule.
  • Place the reinforcement on the sound absorber and install the heating system according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • The cover strips are removed after demoulding the slab.
  • If an exposed concrete slab is not desired, the underside of the slab can be coated without joints and in a uniform colour by applying an acoustically open grout.

January 2017

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