How to: Precast balconies with shortened tensile bars for a more compact transport volume

Thermal break Egcobox® with Coupler system threaded bar connection
Thermal break Egcobox® with Coupler system threaded bar connection

The sizes of balcony slabs can be substantially reduced for transport from the precast plant to the building site. For improved delivery and installation conditions, the tensile bars of the Egcobox® cantilever connectors are manufactured shorter, using Coupler screwed connections. The threaded reinforcement extensions are attached on site.

How to:

  • Our Technical Department designs the Egcobox® elements in accordance with the required design loadings and balcony geometry.
  • The Egcobox® balcony connectors are delivered to the precast plant, where they are placed and cast into the concrete.
  • Delivery to the building site with shortened tensile bars – that reduces the transport volume.
  • The balcony slab is positioned and the tensile bar extensions are screwed on.
  • The floor slab is poured.

Contact for Egcobox® cantilever connector: Phone: +49 9265 951-71, gcbxmxfrnkd

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