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What BBA certification means for the product Zemdrain®

BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. The certificate is recognised by specifiers, architects and contractors and strengthens confidence in the high quality and performance of the product.

Both versions of the Zemdrain® CPF liner - Zemdrain® Classic and Zemdrain® MD - have been tested and certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

What are the test results for Zemdrain® controlled permeability formwork (CPF) liner?

As an independent institute, the MPA Karlsruhe (Germany) carried out the tests as a basis for certification. The test results confirmed the positive experiences that have been made with Zemdrain® products in practice for a long time.

Compared to conventional formwork, formwork with CPF liner Zemdrain® achieves a significant improvement to the concrete surface:

  • enhanced surface hardness
  • enhanced resistance to carbon dioxide
  • enhanced resistance to ingress of chloride ions
  • reduced permeability
  • enhanced resistance to frost attack

CPF liner Zemdrain improvement of concrete surface

How does Zemdrain® work and how does it save costs?

The controlled permeability formwork (CPF) liner Zemdrain® is applied to a supporting formwork. After concreting, it drains the excess water from the edge concrete. This creates an optimum water/cement ratio on the surface and prevents blowholes. The concrete surface becomes harder, denser and more resistant.
The improved properties of concrete make it less vulnerable to environmental influences. The durability of the concrete surface is drastically increased and the service life of the structure is extended - without high refurbishment costs.


Zemdrain® Classic is particulary suitable for formwork in large areas.
Zemdrain® MD delivers the same concreting results as Zemdrain® Classic but can be reused several times.

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