Atlantis Aquarium

Madrid, Spain

MAX FRANK Spain planned the waterproofing concept for the reinforced concrete tank of the 'Atlantis Aquarium' leisure centre in Madrid.

Atlantis Aquarium is an innovative concept for educational leisure activities. The aim of the family leisure centre is to raise awareness and learning about the marine ecosystem. In this way, the preservation of the environment and the planet as a whole is promoted.
The Atlantis Aquarium has 35,000 visitors per day and covers an area of 6,000 square metres.

The aquarium has a height of 6 meters and contains 1,700 cubic meters of salt water. MAX FRANK Spain designed the waterproofing concept for the reinforced concrete tank and supplied high-quality waterproofing products.

The Fradiflex® metal water stop was used for the base plate/wall waterproofing. The galvanised sheet steel with special coating forms a watertight mechanical barrier. The Fradiflex® metal water stop has a CE mark and is tested with a 50 m water column. In addition, the Intec® injection hose system was used to seal concrete construction joints.

For the lost formwork, the Stremaflex® formwork element for construction joints was used, in which a coated Fradiflex® metal water stop is already integrated. Stremaflex® was used for the construction joints of the 90 cm thick floor slab and the 40 cm thick walls.

Type of building:

Cultural building, Museum

Clients and Developers:

Parques Reunidos

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Broadway Malyan

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