Esslingen, Germany

The combination of Sorp 10® room-acoustic sound absorber and Sorp acoustic plaster meets the acoustic and optical requirements.

Two locations of the employers' association Südwestmetall (Esslingen and Göppingen) had to be merged centrally. Esslingen offered the chance of a modern and efficiently designed building.
Inside the building, a flowing, large air space stretches over all floors, serving as air conditioning and symbolizing the communicative purpose of the building. It serves as a foyer, reception, event area, meeting point and transition to the docking conference rooms. The surfaces within the building are deliberately simple, dominated by the colour white.

The concrete ceilings activated by the core elements are responsible for room temperature control; these were already fitted with the Sorp 10® room-acoustic sound absorber during the shell construction phase.

The aim was both to implement the planned energy concept and to keep the surfaces inside the building simple. With the combination of Sorp 10® and Sorp acoustic plaster, an acoustically open coating, the energy, room acoustics and optical requirements were met.

"For the interior design of the new Südwestmetall building in Esslingen, a smooth, jointless and white surface of the floor slabs was important to us in order to emphasise the design language. By using MAX FRANK's acoustic spaer, this requirement could be perfectly met. The achieved room acoustics in the office areas meet the expectations".
Dipl. Ing. Katrin Kussinna, [fritzen28] architekten Esslingen

Type of building:

Office building

Clients and Developers:

Südwestmetall-Bezirksgruppe Neckar-Fils


Fritzen 28 Architekten

Building contractor:

Moser GmbH & Co. KG



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