Shopping mall KASKADA

Szczecin, Poland

In September 2011 a new shopping center with an area of ​​43,000 m² was opened in Szczecin.

The building KASKADA Kaskada looks back on a turbulent history. Over time, the house Ponath was home to cafes, rental apartments, the Ponath experience center and the "Kaffe Bismarck" pub etc. After a long period of vacancy, in 1962 was built the most modern entertainment center in Poland and invited numerous artists to a stage. But in 1981, a fire destroyed the house.

The architecture firm 'urbicorn' gave the new Kaskada shopping center its present appearance. Planning began in 2007 and the building was opened in 2011. The facade is a sloping glass and curtain wall on a self-supporting steel structure. With a total area of ​​104,000 square meters, more than 140 shops, restaurants and cafés can be accommodated, making the Galeria Kaskada one of the largest shopping centers in the region.

The following products were delivered from the MAX FRANK range: Shear force dowel Egcodorn® DND, shear force dowel Egcodübel, column formers Tubbox® ,Tubbox Multi® and accessories.

Type of building:

Business premises


ECE Polen

Building contractor:

STRABAG Sp. z o.o.



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