Split Airport

Split, Croatia

MAX FRANK Tubbox® "blowhole-free" column formers were used for the round columns for the bus station. The Zemdrain® CPF liner, placed inside the Tubbox® column formers, ensures a blowhole-free concrete surface.

Split Airport is Croatia's second largest airport and is located directly on the coast between Trogir and Kaštela, around 20 kilometres west of Split. A new terminal, with a complete floor area of 35.000 square metres, is being constructed between the existing terminal and the airport apron. In addition, a new bus station is being built on the opposite side of the airport. The entire project also plans for the renovation of the existing buildings as well as the renewal of the roads.

New bus station building
The bus station is connected to the new passenger terminal via a pedestrian bridge over the federal road. The two-storey bus station building has an overall length of 80 metres and a total width of up to 30 metres. The steel structure of the roofed footpath on the east side of the building is supported by circa 50 concrete columns.

Extended service life of the concrete component
The concrete columns are shuttered with MAX FRANK Tubbox® column formers in the "blowhole-free" surface finish option. Water-repellent Zemdrain® CPF liner, which lines the inside of the Tubbox® column formers, ensures a blowhole-free surface finish and increases the surface hardness of the concrete. Zemdrain® drains the surplus water from the concrete surface, thus lowering the w/c ratio. In turn, the concrete surface becomes harder, denser and more resistant. The service life of the concrete component is extended significantly – a resistant concrete surface is particularly necessary in coastal areas due to environmental attack.

The new airport complex is expected to be completed and opened in July 2019. Up to 3.5 million passengers per year are expected to be transported in the future.

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