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District office

Lörrach, Germany

The Lörrach District Office is a prime example of modern construction that combines both aesthetic and functional aspects.

Project overview
The new administrative building of the Lörrach District Office, completed in October 2022, represents an important step in the development of public buildings that are architecturally appealing as well as functional and integral. It brings together the departments of the social and youth services in a modern location that impresses with its central location and the clear separation of public and private areas. The building extends over seven floors on a floor area of 10960 square meters and offers space for around 290 employees.

Architecture and design
The architecture of the Lörrach District Office, designed by K9 Architekten, is characterized by a trapezoidal floor plan and a striking façade made of aluminium composite cassettes. The façade design with its relief-like surface and the recessed first floor zone with glazed fronts visually sets the building apart from the surrounding buildings and reinforces its prominent position in the cityscape.

Sustainability and energy
The energy concept of the Lörrach District Office combines innovative technologies for environmentally friendly building management. A central element is the displacement ventilation system with highly efficient ventilation heat recovery, supplemented by cooling using groundwater to meet the KfW Efficiency House 55 standard. The implementation of component activation uses the thermal mass of the concrete to store and release energy, effectively regulating room temperatures and significantly reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions. These measures underline the district administration's commitment to sustainable construction and offer long-term ecological and economic benefits.

Acoustics and interior design
The acoustic design of the Lörrach District Office is characterized by the sophisticated integration of efficient sound absorbers, in particular through the use of the Sorp 10® system in the reinforced concrete ceilings. On each of the seven floors, each with an area of around 800 m², these absorbers are strategically embedded in the concrete ceilings. This transforms the otherwise sound-hard and sound-reflecting surfaces into absorbent elements. Importantly, this modification hardly affects the heating and cooling performance of the component-activated ceilings, instead ensuring a harmonious balance between acoustics and thermal regulation.
The office concept separates the public areas from the staff areas, which are designed as an open office landscape. Team islands and think-tank areas are positioned along the façades, which also contribute to the room acoustics and offer flexible working options. Employees can either make sensitive phone calls and have conversations or withdraw for concentrated work in separate retreat areas. This zoning supports the acoustic effectiveness and at the same time promotes flexibility in everyday working life.
In addition to the Sorp 10® absorbers, the acoustic concept also includes wooden acoustic cladding on the walls and acoustic baffles in meeting rooms and reception areas. These measures are an integral part of the overall concept and make a decisive contribution to creating a pleasant working atmosphere.
These holistic acoustic solutions are not only functional, but also promote the well-being and productivity of employees. They impressively demonstrate how modern office buildings can create optimal working conditions by combining advanced acoustic technology and aesthetic interior design.

The Lörrach District Office is a prime example of modern construction that combines both aesthetic and functional aspects. The guiding architectural ideas, combined with a well thought-out energy concept and innovative acoustic solutions, make this building a model for future-oriented administrative buildings. The use of the Sorp 10® acoustic system also underlines the commitment to high-quality room acoustics, making the building not only a functional but also an acoustically pleasant place to work.

Integrative planning is a key aspect of the Lörrach district administration office building. The requirements for the exposed concrete ceiling as a heating and cooling element with component activation through the use of groundwater and as an acoustically effective component were ideally met by using Sorp 10® elements integrated into the building shell. This creates very good basic acoustics for the open office areas. The acoustic ceiling also looks very aesthetically pleasing in combination with the oak-clad cores. The result is a robust basis for the development of a modern working environment.

Even in the shell of the building you could already feel the very pleasant acoustics.

Dipl. Ing. Manfred Piribauer, K9 Architekten

Type of building:

Office & administration

Clients and Developers:


K9 ARCHITEKTEN Borgards, Lösch, Pichl, Piribauer

Engineers/ Specialist Planners:

Bauleitung: Ernst² Architekten AG
Innenarchitektur: Partner AG, Freiburg
Tragwerksplanung: Ingenieurgruppe Bauen
Bauphysik: Stahl + Weiß
HLS (Heizung, Lüftung, Sanitär): solares bauen GmbH

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+49(0) 9427 189-0

Max Frank GmbH & Co. KG
Mitterweg 1
94339 Leiblfing