New Bridewell Street - Student Accommodation

Bristol, United Kingdom

The former New Bridewell Police Headquarters was demolished to make way for 499 beds of purpose built student accommodation and approximately 6,500 sqft of commercial floor space at ground floor level.

The development also included the removal of the concrete overhead walkway on Nelson Street, the creation of a new public square and ground level walkway between Nelson Street and Rupert Street, as well as a variety of other public realm enhancements.

The development replaced the existing 1960’s eight storey building with a new contemporary structure culminating in a 15 storey landmark tower providing a new gateway into the city centre.

MAX FRANK's Shearail® punching shear reinforcement was chosen as a simple and effective solution to combat punching shear.

Type of building:

Residential building

Clients and Developers:

4D Structures 



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