How to: Thermal separation of parapet elements

As solid, enclosed structures, parapets often form the end of roof terraces. Contact with the outside air on both sides causes cooling of the parapet element over a wide area.

The thermally insulating Egcobox® cantilever connector is suitable for connecting the parapet element to the slab below while purposefully avoiding thermal bridges to the building interior. Due to the low bending forces - resulting primarily from wind forces - the cantilever connectors can also be mounted some distance apart. The intermediate areas are filled with thermal insulation.

Egcobox® cantilever connector for the connection of façade elements
Egcobox® cantilever connector for the connection of façade elements

How to:

    • Our Technical Department designs the Egcobox® elements in accordance with the required design loadings, if necessary the element reinforcement is adopted. Following this, the elements are specially manufactured for the specific construction project.
    • The Egcobox® elements are fixed in the floor slab and the connecting stirrups provided are then inserted and connected to the continuity reinforcement in accordance with the reinforcement drawing. It is necessary to fix the Egcobox® elements to the slab edge formwork to prevent movement during the concreting of the slab.
    • The floor slab is cast.
    • Subsequently, the parapet element is shuttered, appropriately reinforced and cast.
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