CPD Seminars & Workshops

Max Frank Limited offers free-of-charge CPD seminars and workshops, conducted at your premises, on essential construction topics.

CPD Semiars & Workshops
CPD Semiars & Workshops
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Ground Heave – best practice

Piled foundations, rafts and slabs can be affected by ground movement caused by volume changes in swelling clays due to clay type and moisture variation. This presentation examines the causes and effects of clay heave and the ways in which the problem can be avoided through the correct use of ground heave solutions.

Thermal Break Design & Technology

During the last decade the importance of balconies has increased dramatically due to the desire to enjoy a small outside environmental space. The presentation covers not only structural aspects of thermal break units and the way they work within concrete structures but also the building physics behind thermal bridging including an introduction to our latest software.

Punching Shear Reinforcement – an effective solution

Punching shear failure is a catastrophic brittle type failure which occurs at the flat slab-column junction. This presentation covers the problem of columns “punching” through the slab and how to overcome the problem with an introduction of design software to EC2 standards.
Shearail® Design Workshop to EC2: This workshop covers design and also includes instructions on how to use the Shearail® program. The workshop is aimed at a small group of Engineers with prior exposure to punching shear design but this does not replace the CPD seminar that we also offer. The workshop lasts between 1–2 hours and can be tailored to your needs.

Each seminar usually lasts 45 minutes with a question and answer session at the end.
Longer or tailored presentations can also be provided.

Attendance certificates will be issued on completion of each seminar for your professional development diary. We will be happy to cover the cost of refreshments for each seminar
(typically £5 per person).

To arrange a seminar or to request further information, please email:

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