How to: Cold to expansion joint transitions between coated metal waterstops and PVC waterbars

Expansions joints are placed to safely absorb the expected movement between individual concrete sections. The transition between a cold joint seal using coated metal waterstops and expansion joint seal with PVC waterbars must be executed with particular care

How to:

  • Installation of the PVC waterbar in the expansion joint of the floor slab
  • Installation of the Fradiflex® Premium metal waterstop in the cold joint between the floor slab and the rising wall (coated side facing the water bearing direction)
  • Pre-drill the PVC waterbar; pay attention to maintain adequate embedment of the metal waterstop into the slab
  • Screw the expansion joint connector to the expansion joint PVC waterbar
  • Glue the expansion joint connector to the metal waterstop and secure with a clip

Application of Fradiflex® Premium waterstop:

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