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How to: Formwork for funnel structures

How to: Formwork for funnel structures
How to: Formwork for funnel structures

Concrete structural elements that are curved and inclined on one side can be produced simply and rationally with Stremaform® formwork elements.

The layer-by-layer compaction of the concrete can be observed thanks to the Stremaform® material. Gravel pockets and voids can thus be avoided.
In the subsequent work step a further concrete layer is applied to ensure the concrete coverage of the structural element. The dismounting of the shaping formwork on the upper side is not necessary.

How to:

Formwork for funnel constructions with Stremaform® formwork elements
  • Place reinforcement with suitable spacers on the lower formwork.
  • Position the Stremaform® prefabricated elements, slightly overlapping them at one side (approx. 50 mm). Fix the elements to one another and to the reinforcement.
  • Pour concrete between the lower formwork and the Stremaform® elements and compact layer by layer. 
  • Check that the structure of the concrete is homogeneous and free from voids. 
  • Apply a concrete layer in the thickness of the concrete coverage and model it.

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