Impact sound insulated shear force dowels Egcotritt

Bedding of stair landing and arcades

The requirements for sound insulation in buildings have been increasing for years. To meet the requirements, impact sound insulation of stairs and stair landings must be certified.
The impact noise insulated Egcotritt shear force dowel reduces impact sound by decoupling components. It is used for the bedding of stair landings, arcades and cantilever balconies and transmits the shear forces acting in the connection joint. At the same time, the acoustically decoupled bedding ensures that the transmission of irritating noises into adjacent rooms is insulated – this increases the living comfort and well-being of the residents.
In-situ concrete and precast element versions of all products in the Egcotritt series are available.


  • National technical approval
  • Fire protection rating F120
  • Stainless steel version
  • No restrictions of the exposure class acc. to EC2

The HL variant of the Egcotritt shear force dowel transmits maximum stress for joint widths of up to 100 mm.

The Egcotritt light shear force dowel can be used for impact sound insulation with joint widths up to 60 mm (spiral staircases).

Product variants
System solution
System solution Impact sound insulated shear force dowels Egcotritt

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