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Waterstop Synko-Flex® and sealant Butyl-Nek

Permanent, non-expanding, adhesive waterstop for concrete structures and flexible sealing compound for permanent watertight joints in pre-cast concrete units.

Synko-Flex® non-expanding, adhesive waterstop

Synko-Flex® is a unique non-expanding adhesive waterstop that bonds to existing concrete surfaces and fuses with fresh concrete during the curing process. It creates a permanent seal which is resistant to acids, alkalis, silage and salt water. It can therefore be applied to existing concrete and scabbled surfaces, around through-wall pipes and fittings, in and around sewerage and silage environments, and to protect reinforcement. Unlike hydrothyllic expanding waterstops, Synko-Flex® is unaffected by rain, snow, ground water or water on-site. The watertight seal of Synko-Flex® has a proven reliability of over 30 years on contracts worldwide.

With ease of application and excellent performance, the Synko-Flex® range of products is the product of choice for architects, engineers and contractors alike.

Synko-Flex® FR (Fuel Resistant) waterstop

Synko-Flex® FR is a unique non-expanding waterstop, suitable for situations where hydrocarbons such as petrols, diesels, oils and alcohols are present. Synko-Flex® FR also bonds with existing concrete and fuses to fresh concrete during the curing process.

Butyl-Nek® non-expanding joint sealant

Butyl-Nek® flexible sealing compound provides a permanent watertight joint between pre-cast concrete units regardless of shape or size. This easily compressible product is designed to completely seal and fill the annular space between pre-cast units. Butyl-Nek® is available in a range of sizes to accommodate joints for manhole units, box culverts, pipes and inspection chambers.

Butyl-Nek® associated products have over 50 year’s proven track records in the most extreme situations, and are specified and used by pre-casters and contractors worldwide.


  • Permanent, non-expanding, adhesive waterstop
  • Bonds to existing concrete surfaces
  • Fuses with fresh concrete during curing process
  • Unaffected by rain, snow, ground water or water on-site
  • Fuel resistent option available
  • Flexible sealing of pre-cast units
  • Permanent watertight joints
  • Range of sizes and application
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