CityLife Milan

Mailand, Italy

CityLife in Milan is to be a new business and residential district. Its landmarks include the three towers Torre Isozaki, Torre Hadid and Torre Libeskind.

The project is centred on three special landmark towers – the 202-metre high "Torre Isozaki", the 175-metre high "Torre Hadid" and the approximately 150-metre high "Torre Libeskind".

The Torre Isozaki (called "Il Dritto" – the straight one, architect: Arata Isozaki) has already been completed and is currently the tallest building in Italy. The building project has been supplied with the following MAX FRANK products: Stabox® reinforcement connection, Coupler screw connection, Egcodorn shear force dowel, fibre-reinforced concrete and Stremaform formwork elements.

The Torre Hadid (called "Lo Storto" – the twisted one, architect: Zaha Hadid) is currently under construction. The 44-storey tower, still under construction, will reach a total height of 175 m. MAX FRANK has supplied primarily reinforcement products up to the 34th floor, including Egcodorn® shear force dowels, Stabox® screw connections, Coupler screw connections and punching shear reinforcement.

The Torre Libeskind (called "Il Curvo" – the curved one, architect: Daniel Libeskind) is at the start of its construction phase – MAX FRANK has already supplied Coupler screw connections for the foundation slab. The skyscrapers by Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind are set to be completed by 2017.

The architectural shape and individuality of the buildings place particular requirements on the local technical customer advisors with regard to the statically relevant connecting elements. The feasibility in terms of production of the customer's wishes and the respective special solutions are quickly clarified through the intensive cooperation between the local MAX FRANK employees and the in-house engineering management. For example, Stabox® and Coupler secure the load-bearing connecting elements between the stiffening core (staircases and lift shafts of the high-rise buildings) and the individual structural floors.
The detailed drawings prepared by MAX FRANK enable the fast elaboration of plans and thus the professional handling of the order. Only in this way is it possible to co-ordinate the production and delivery times with the concreting cycles on the big CityLife Milano building site.

Type of building:

High-rise building


Arata Isozaki (high-rise building "The Straight One"), Zaha Hadid (high-rise building "The Twisted One"), Daniel Libeskind (high-rise building "The Curved One")



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