Expanding waterstop Cresco®

Sealing in water change zones

Cresco® expanding waterstop tapes are used in particular for difficult geometric joint profiles.

Sealing tapes prevent soil moisture, pressing and non-pressing water from penetrating into the structure.

When water enters the working joint, the expansion process starts and creates a sealing effect.

Expanding waterstop products are used where new concrete meets hardened (old) concrete and a working joint seal is necessary.

The rubber expanding waterstops are attached with Cresco® fixing adhesive (expanding waterstop adhesive) and the Cresco® fixing mesh (expanding waterstop mesh).

Pipe seals with Cresco® expanding waterstop are also a reliable solution in the floor slab area.


  • Long-lasting expansion capacity
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • No upstand required
  • Controlled limited expansion
  • Meets requirements of DBV data sheet
  • Tested with 50m water column, expanding waterstop with ABP
Product variants
System solution
System solution Expanding waterstop Cresco®

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