Pecafil®, Pecavoid® & Associated Products

A ‘winning combination’ of groundwork solutions.

Ground conditions can be affected by geographical area and ground movement caused by volume changes in swelling clays.

Pecafil® permanent formwork offers a time saving and cost effective method for constructing in-situ reinforced concrete foundations. BBA approved Pecavoid® ground heave solution is a proven and effective solution to combat the effects of ground heave on foundations and slabs.

In addition to Pecafil® & Pecavoid®, MAX FRANK also provide a full range of lateral and piling ground heave protection products:

  • Clayfill side protection board – protection against lateral ground movement
  • Pile collars and pile sleeves – for easy installation around pile penetrations
  • Fibre concrete square bar spacers – for load transfer

Both solutions, accompanied by the associated products, complement each other and are manufactured and supplied direct from MAX FRANK.

If you are working on a scheme where ground heave is anticipated, please contact us on
01782 598041 or email nfmxfrnkck

Poor Ground Conditions? Problem Solved.

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