Thermal break balcony connector Egcobox®

Thermal separation of reinforced concrete cantilever slabs

Building owners are demanding ever more in terms of savings on heating costs, a healthy room climate and the associated prevention of condensation and mould formation. When planning, therefore, attention must be paid to minimizing thermal bridges in the area of the building shell.

Thermal bridges can be avoided with the thermally insulating Egcobox® cantilever connector. The Egcobox® structural connecting element creates a thermal break between an external component and an internal component.

The structural function of the Egcobox® is provided by a bar framework made of reinforcing steel, which passes through the thermal insulation and thus connects the component to be connected to the building.


  • Reduces thermal bridges - thereby reducing condensation and the associated mould formation
  • All elements can be individually adapted to geometric specifications
  • Support for your detailed planning with CAD details and tender texts
Egcobox dimensioning software

Quick and simplified determination and dimensioning with the free 

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System solution
System solution Thermal break balcony connector Egcobox®

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