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"Very close cooperation" on recycling plant project in Sweden

From the left: Jonas Andersson Technical Salesman at Max Frank AB, Johanna Magnusson, Site Manager Block 2 at Serneke and Akram Mohammad, Construction Engineer at Serneke, © Max Frank AB
From the left: Jonas Andersson Technical Salesman at Max Frank AB, Johanna Magnusson, Site Manager Block 2 at Serneke and Akram Mohammad, Construction Engineer at Serneke, © Max Frank AB

Construction company Serneke is enthusiastic about MAX FRANK product solutions and support.

What is the most exciting aspect of a major project such as Kalmarsundsverket? What are the challenges? And why was Max Frank AB chosen as a partner? We have spoken to Johanna Magnusson and Akram Mohammad at Serneke who tell us more about this particular scheme...

First a few facts about the construction project:

"Kalmarsundsverket" – more than a sewage treatment plant

Adjacent to the old sewage treatment plant at Södra Utmarken in Kalmar, one of the city's most important investments, Kalmarsundsverket, is under construction. The new and modern recycling plant will meet future requirements for sustainable treatment works. In addition to treating wastewater, the plant will also recycle water that can be used for irrigation and within industry, produce soil improvers and biogas for the production of heat and electricity. This will create a multi-aspect cycle and is expected to be operational in 2026.

"The project is divided into various building phases and we have been working on the construction of the project for about a year now, we started in the autumn of 2022. In Phase 1, soil decontamination and soil preparation of the project were carried out and now we are further into Phase 2 of the project where we are working on the actual production of the recycling plant and then four basin parts,"
says Johanna Magnusson, Block Manager Block 2 at Serneke.

Companies involved in the project

For the construction, Kalmar Vatten has signed a co-operation agreement on a turnkey contract with Serneke, which has also hired Max Frank AB to deliver specifically project-adapted concrete solutions to complement the extensive and very exciting project!

🎤Interview with Johanna and Akram, employees of Serneke
     International (translation from Swedish):

When asked about the challenges in a project like Kalmarsundsverket, Johanna Magnusson answers:

"Wow, it is a very complex project, partly in terms of execution, with very advanced structures comprising a lot of reinforcement and details, as there’s an incredible number of watertight structures. This places high demands on us, we have a lifespan of 100 years to fulfil and this in turn requires selection of the right materials, applied in the right way. Another challenge is in the culvert, with joint piers and joint strips, where everything must be sealed and watertight as the pools are located around the culvert itself, it places very high demands on that part of the building as well. It is definitely a challenge but one that we take very seriously, and we have a team of incredibly competent construction workers."

Kalmarsundsverket  Projektteam
Kalmarsundsverket Projektteam

Johanna Magnusson, Site Manager Block 2 at Serneke: :

"We have very productive and close cooperation with the team at MAX FRANK. We are provided with good guidance, and you clearly advise how to use the product solutions and always support us, it is never unclear, and we can easily approach you with questions - there is a solution to everything."

How did it come about that Serneke chose Max Frank AB as its co-operation partner?

"There are many complex parts that must work together, but what is also a huge reassurance is that Max Frank is involved from the planning stage, and also with its own designer who provides good support and finds feasible solutions. So, there have been a lot of meetings, you could say", laughs Johanna.
“We also had the fantastic opportunity to visit to your production facilities in Germany, there are so many Max Frank products! It was incredibly insightful and good to build an overall picture and understanding of the many complex and special solutions that can be customised and produced."

Akram Mohammad, Design Engineer at Serneke International, adds:

"Where specialised components and customised solutions were concerned, the solutions absolutely served their purpose. One particular component was a challenge for which we spent a long time researching and thinking a lot about how to solve it and what materials we should use to ensure durability. For example, we customised Stremaform® specifically for this application, which turned out to be incredibly successful."

Akram Mohammad, Construction Engineer at Serneke: 

"Stremaform® was a crucial part of the solution because of the customisation possibilities. I don't really know know what other formwork we could have used!."

Kalmarsundsverket  Projektteam
Kalmarsundsverket Projektteam

So what is the most exciting aspect of a gigantic project like the Kalmarsund plant?

👷‍♀️👷‍♂️ Johanna and Akram agree on the answer:

"This project really attracted us all! It's not often you get the chance to be involved in a project like this and we all have great respect for the challenge it brings, but we are also very driven and want to work together to find the absolute best solution and to bring the future recycling plant together. It is an extremely honourable task in which we are all involved."

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MAX FRANK AB supplies the product solutions for the project:

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