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Egcobox Software – version notes

Notes on changes in the program version

Version 4.1.5

Date: 01.03.2022


  • Egcobox adjustment ETA
  • BUG fixingWeblication

Version 4.1.4

Date: 13.01.2022


  • New Egcobox® Switzerland
  • BUG fixing

Version 4.1.3

Date: 27.01.2021


  • Adaptation Licence conditions Egcobox software
  • Adaptation Privacy policy Egcobox software
  • Update Egcobox types acc. ETA
  • Adding of Polystyrene “PS” in Egcobox declaration
  • BUG fixing

Version 4.1.1

Date: 24.02.2020


  • New Egcobox types acc. ETA-19/0046
  • Optimization FEM core for Egcobox acc. to ETA
  • Concrete quality C30/37 for ETA
  • Statical sign standardized (-MEd, +VEd)
  • Free naming and sorting of balcony position
  • Improvement of graphical representation
  • BUG fixing

Version 4.0.12

Date: 16.08.2018


  • New logic in the shear force design
  • New product catalogue Austria
  • Connection hight up to 300 mm (assuming good bonding conditions)
  • Bug fixing

Version 4.0.10

Date: 01.03.2018


  • Revised banking calculation
  • Modified Desktop-Icon

Version 4.0.9

Date: 29.01.2018


  • New MAX FRANK-Logo
  • New Desktop-Icon
  • New database with adapted types
  • Window "Anonymous satisfaction survey" is no longer displayed

Version 4.0.8

Date: 07.07.2017


  • New database with adapted Egcobox® elements for Austria and Germany.
  • Country-specific measurement basis added for France, Croatia and Romania.
  • For wall elements the wall thickness has been incorporated into the Egcobox® description.
  • EGCO Design has been dropped (formerly EGCO AG Switzerland, currently MAX FRANK AG Switzerland).


  • Notice on opening older calculations which do not contain any current Egcobox® elements. The warning appears when creating a report, order list or DXF export, which position is affected. When a recalculation is performed, all positions are calculated with the current Egcobox® elements.

User analysis:

  • After installing the software, information about user behaviour is saved and processed in a log file.
  • This process is anonymised. It is not possible to trace details back to a specific person.
  • Updated privacy policy, May 2017.

Anonymous satisfaction survey:

  • It is intended that the software be further developed and optimised for the users.
  • When you open the software, we therefore ask you to participate in a short (seven questions) and anonymous online survey by Max Frank GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Survey window in German and English.

Version 4.0.5

Date: 27.09.2016


  • New database according to the current Egcobox® typing and zero-stress elements in a length of 1 metre
  • Improvement of the section-wise positioning of the cantilever connectors in the corner area (Germany and Europe 800 mm)
  • New pictures for the template selection on the user interface
  • New loggia template with opposite fastening of the Egcobox® elements
  • Improvement of the "Insert nodes" option in the geometry area
  • Positioning of upstands on free slab edges with any layout ("edge upstand") is possible
  • Insertion of the dimensioning of the installation drawing in the user interface and the result printout
  • When dimensioning an inner corner, automatic selection of an element with a higher concrete cover
  • Improvement of the input of an "additional" lower concrete cover Δcu
  • More precise description of the deflection for the load case SLS "State I / non-cracked concrete"
  • Upstands / recess can be input up to a length of 20 m
  • Increase the maximum positions of balcony up to 50 pieces

Result output:

  • Option to export the order list as an Excel file (*.xlsx file)
  • Insertion of the DXF illustration "Shear force element with screwed-in shear force bar"
  • Insertion of the illustration of the support reactions for column and walls / beam
  • Clearer separation of new balcony positions in the result printout
  • Insertion of a "progress display" when creating the result printout, DXF and order list
  • Adaptation of the column width in the result overview
  • Insertion of the option "positions to be taken from the order list"
  • Reduction in the file size of the long result printout

Country versions:

  • Improvement of the section-wise positioning of the cantilever connectors in the corner area (Switzerland 1200 mm)
  • New Swedish Egcobox® elements with a length of 500 mm
  • Adaptation of the torsion spring stiffness for the Swiss elements


  • Insertion of a warning for the Netherlands elements that are available only for an 80 mm joint
  • Insertion of a warning when the maximum concrete cover is exceeded (inner cantilever arm too short)
  • Insertion of a warning in case of opposite Egcobox® elements with different insulating material thicknesses


  • Correction of the camber calculation for Swedish elements
  • Error for the selection of AT elements with long pressure bars was eliminated
  • Correction of the report values for min MEd and min VEd
  • Deletion of errors when displacements of the upstands

Version 3.0

Date: 20.05.2014


  • Egcobox® software converted to the new Egcobox types according to Eurocode.
  • Adjustment of spring stiffness for more realistic results.
  • Revision of the statics output.
  • Polish standard: Safety coefficients have been changed to 1.30.
  • Polish standard: The default for traffic loads / payloads is now 5.0 kN / m².

Version 2.0

Date: 27.10.2009


  • The floor plan and installation drawings (including measurements) have been completely redesigned.
  • New standards: Slovenia and Ukraine.
  • It is possible to stagger elements (point bearing).
  • New insulation material: Styrofoam.
  • Element choice loggia balcony: The cantilever is held in place by moment-carrying elements. The slab is laterally supported by shear force elements. The shear force elements obtain 10 mm extra concrete cover (2nd layer) as otherwise the reinforcement would collide here.
  • Element selection, inwardly projecting corner: The balcony slab is held in position by moment-carrying elements. The lateral elements in the corner obtain 10 mm extra concrete cover (2nd layer) as otherwise the reinforcement would collide here.
  • Switzerland: Preset H-load on railings: 0.8 kN / m according to SIA 260. In Germany and in all other standards, the preset H-load on railings is 0.5 kN / m.
  • Switzerland: Preset rail height: 1.20 m according to SIA 260. In Germany and in all other standards, the preset rail height is 1.00 m.
  • The project name is output in the statics. Previously this field was empty by mistake.
  • Overflow occurred in the case of the line load under certain circumstances. As a result, the line load was accidentally not set.
  • In the loggia balcony, the bearing was not generated correctly. As a result, the internal forces were not symmetrical.
  • The line load at the inwardly projecting corner balcony is parallel to the joint (previously: line load parallel to the rear clamping).
  • In the Polish standard, the partial safety coefficients were set to inherent loads = 1.15 and traffic loads = 1.3. For this, the values ​​mEd and vEd from the design tables are multiplied by the factor 0.9.

Version 1.2

Date: 30.01.2009


  • New language: Russian.
  • New insulation materials: Foam glass and polystyrene 0,031. Due to its excellent insulation properties, polystyrene 0.031 is pre-set by default. The old insulating material polystyrene (0.035) is no longer needed.
  • Statics (formerly parts list) and the order list (formerly item list) are now output as PDF.
  • Inwardly projecting corner: Only normal elements are selected (previously + / - elements).
  • Distribution of the elements in the case of simple cantilever and the balcony supported on beam is now uniform. Previously the choice of elements was mathematically correct but difficult to understand. In addition, the distribution of the elements is now more economical.
  • Sectional drawings for conical balcony are now displayed correctly:
    - Sectional drawing conical ha < he and
    - Sectional drawing conical ha > he.
  • The preset concrete strength class in the Swiss standard is C25 / 30 (previously C20 / 25).
  • The shear force amplification is always specified in the Swiss standard (QA, QB and QC).
  • Previously, QA was not issued.
  • The company logo is automatically scaled. The size is no longer limited to 150x150 pixels.
  • Due to the name change in Austria, the contact addresses have been updated: Max Frank GesmbH instead of ABSTA.
  • The privacy policy has been adapted to current legislation and is available on the internet.
  • The status line now gives the support hotline (previously: program name and date).

Version 1.1

Date: 25.08.2008


  • New languages: Slovenian and Dutch.
  • Further contact addresses: Max Frank UK, ABSTA branch Dornbirn (Austria) and Max Frank Nederland BV
  • More user-friendly: The program has been made more user friendly and input errors are minimised.
  • When calculating according to the Italian standard, it should be noted that the partial safety coefficient for permanent loads has been reduced to 1.30 in the default settings of the Egcobox® software. This is derived from the DM. (Decreto Ministeriale / Ministerial Decree) of 14th January 2008. The user of the program remains responsible for adjusting this value if necessary.
  • A manual for the Egcobox® software is now available in German and English.

Version 1.0

Date: 01.05.2008


  • First release.

Egcobox Software Support
Tel: +49 9265 951-71

Contact Contact

Max Frank Pty Ltd
1/42 Balaclava Street
Woolloongabba QLD 4102