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Eurogate passive house residential complex

Wien, Austria

Approx. 700 Egcotritt light shear force dowels have been installed for sound decoupling between the lift shaft and ceilings in the Eurogate passive house residential complex

With around 1,000 residential units, Eurogate Wien is the largest passive house residential complex in Europe with an ultra-low annual heating requirement. On sites 4 and 5, BAI is building an apartment block with a total of 238 residential units (18,000 m²) which meets the latest passive house standard. The complex on site 4 is divided into three sections with five or six upper floors and partially staggered loft. The ground floor is designed as a business zone. The Punktgebäude in the northern building plot area (building A) houses privately owned apartments, which are accessed via two stairways. Buildings B and C consist of a centrally located, L-shaped residential wing and a detached building in the inner area of the complex. In the southern sector of building site 5, along the main route, there is also a linear building (building D).

700 Egcotritt light shear force dowels from MAX FRANK have been installed between the lift shaft and the ceilings for sound decoupling. The Stabox® rebend connection economically combines concrete components and minimizes complex formwork. Other MAX FRANK products such as plastic and steel spacers have been used to ensure optimum concrete cover. The Permur® liner pipes are a simple and safe solution for the load case of pressurized and non-pressurized water.

Type of building:

Residential building

Clients and Developers:

Bauträger Austria Immobilien


Johannes Kaufmann

Building contractor:

Generalunternehmen: Bilfinger Baugesellschaft mbH., Wien



Products used
Contact Contact

+49(0) 9427 189-0

Max Frank GmbH & Co. KG
Mitterweg 1
94339 Leiblfing

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