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How to: Recesses in concrete slabs with Egcovoid®

Recesses with Egcovoid®
Recesses with Egcovoid®

Recesses (5 sides) in concrete elements are often very difficult to remove. The Egcovoid® slabs lose their inner stability when watered and can therefore be stripped quickly and effortlessly.

Simple stripping with Egcovoid®
Simple stripping with Egcovoid®

So geht's:

  • Cut Egcovoid® sheets to the required opening size and wrap the Egcovoid® body in foil. The required recess depth can be determined by the number of setting plates.
  • After the concreting has set, cut on top, open the foils and water the Egcovoid® panels thoroughly.
  • Irrigated Egcovoid® slabs can be removed quickly and effortlessly.

Void former Egcovoid® for load activation:

August 2019

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